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Deloraine Downs Poll Dorset Stud - Established in 1999

Deloraine Downs is located in the undulating hills of Konongwootong just north of Coleraine on the Coleraine Edenhope Road. Trading as Dargeeling Estate our enterprise comprises of around 1400ha.

A mixed farm enterprise which consists of the Deloraine Downs poll Dorset stud, prime lambs,wool , Poll Hereford cattle and some cropping.

We run around 5200 breeding ewes comprising of 4100 crossbred ewes for prime lamb production and a 700 merino ewe self replacing flock for wool and crossbred ewe production plus herd of 200 Poll Hereford Cows.


The stud comprises of 400 specially selected poll dorset ewes that produce around 700 progeny annually.

We believe this allows us to class to a very high standard when selecting our rams for sale also enabling us to select only the best ewes for breeding.

The use of Lambplan enables us to select progeny for the traits of growth rates, fat and muscle. The raw data that is used to compile the lambplan EBV’s is another valuable selection tool.

All stock are selected on a strict criteria comprising of:

  • High Lambing Percentages
  • Quick Maturing
  • Ease of lambing
  • High Growth Rates
  • Structural Soundness
  • Clean face and points
  • Downs type wool
  • Smooth shoulders with good neck extension
  • Lambplan figures


The Deloraine Downs Stud was established in 1999 comprising half the ewes from the Deloraine Poll Dorset Stud.

With the foundation of 43 years breeding from the Deloraine Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset Studs combined with the use of Sires from Kentish Downs, Penrise, Kurralea, Dongadilling, Pine Avenue, Shirlee Downs, Lochaire, Valma, Derrynock and Stockdale Studs Deloraine Downs has been able to produce ewes and rams with high growth rates, extremely clean in face and points with high carcase qualities that are structurally sound .

With the ever evolving market requirements we believe our breeding objectives allow us to provide rams that will achieve these demands of the modern prime lamb producer.

Betty and Ray Sutherland
Deloraine Downs Poll Dorset Stud

Friday 8th October 2021 at 1.00pm

220 Flock Rams


Ian & Hazel Sutherland
Coleraine, Vic 3315
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